By James Fetisov

As newbies, everyone wants to do exactly what the teacher does. You know, there is this feeling like you are already there, and you can do all the poses that your teacher brings before you, without even needing any alignment. As good as it may sound, you will be needing you yoga instructor for a very long time, until you have become a master of the art. Yoga is agreed to be very beneficial, there is no argument about this. In every part of the world, the result is the same. The only difference that can influence your yoga practice, is the environment in which you practice. This is the basic reason why you should practice under a yoga environment that is calm and quiet.

Another thing is that you do not need to be a master to practice yoga. Once you start it, you will see yourself working towards perfection. It does not come at once, but through consistency and seriousness. A lot of persons are not regular with their practice. This may either be due to their tight schedule or lack of motivation. Setting your long term target can help you to stay motivated and focused. It will give you the motivation that you need to stay focused. As a starter, it is very important to practice yoga poses that supports your health status. If you have a certain health condition, now is the best time to talk to your yoga instructor. The benefit of talking to a yoga instructor, before the commencement of practice for newbies is that, it will help them to identify your needs. In a situation when you have a certain health condition that you are looking up to yoga, to help you take care of, this will be a good idea.

There are some yoga poses that one cannot do, if you have some certain injuries or when you have some certain health challenges. Take for instance, if you have an ankle injury, you cannot just jump into practicing the power yoga. This may not be good for your condition, unless your yoga teacher permits it. If he or she knows this, then what you will be allowed to do will just be some mild exercises, and with time when your condition improves, it can be made more intense. When you start practicing yoga newly, and your body seems like it will never become flexible, there is no need to worry. Continue with your yoga practice and in no distant time, you will get the results you are expecting. Remember not to force yourself into doing poses that your body is not comfortable with. You do not have to strain your muscles or dislocate your joints for you to get better or achieve the desired results that you want. Just focus on what you are doing and if your body shows sign that you are exceeding your limit, then know that it is time to pull back.

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