Did you know that Soursop is referred to as the superfruit that kills cancer? This Caribbean fruit has a sweet milky pulp. Soursop Jellies, sorbets, smoothies and ice cream are popular in the Caribbean, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, as well as in Africa, where fruit grows in abundance. Besides the good taste, it has many nutritional benefits. It is especially important as an alternative treatment for cancer.

A laboratory study has shown that this fruit is 10,000 times more effective than a regular chemotherapy medicine on colon adenocarcinoma cells. According to another study, fruit extracts from soursop kill certain types of breast cancer cells and liver cancer, which are often resistant to chemotherapy.

Soursop also has a broad antimicrobial spectrum that works against bacterial infections and fungal infections. These are intestinal parasites and worms. It also reduces the amount of hypertension. Cancer often leads to a weakened immune system; Soursop stimulates the patient’s immune system and can prevent life-threatening infections.

Steps To Make Soursop Juice

1. Mash The Fruit

  • To make a soursop thick juice or smoothie, you can crush the fruit. For this, you have to pick ripe soursop.
  • Wash the soursop well because of the thorny surface, which causes dirt to build up in the grooves.
  • The skin can be removed by hand. Remove the skin, unpack the fruits and squeeze the meat into a large bowl.
  • Add 1/2 cup of milk and 1 cup of water for each ripe soursop (about 450 grams). Now squeeze the meat together to release its juice into the mixture of water and milk.
  • Keep squeezing until you have the fibrous core in your hand.
  • Mix the juice, milk, and water well and your juice is ready to consume.

2. Strain The Fruit

  • Similar to the previous method, wash and peel the fruits. Now remove the seeds and chop the meat. Since this releases a lot of Soursop juice, do it in a container where you want to keep the last juice.
  • Take a fine sieve, it needs to be big enough to allow the juice flow without being too large for the fibers to escape from the net and fall into the juice.
  • Carefully filter the pulp by pressing it with the back of a spoon until only the fibers are left over. You can add some milk to make the drink even creamier.
  • The addition of components such as lemon juice, ginger, and sugar (you can use a low-calorie sugar substitute if you follow a diet) improves the taste of sauces. Nutmeg and vanilla also complement the taste of the fruit.

3. Blend The Fruit

For a thick juice without complications, you can use this method.

  • Start by cleaning and peeling the ripe soursop.
  • Remove the seeds and cut the meat into large pieces.
  • Pour it into the blender, add half a cup of milk or water.
  • Don’t worry about the pulp in the fruit mix. Everything is bombarded by the mixer. Depending on the thickness or liquid of the juice, you can add the required amount of milk or water.
  • When preparing a few, keep in mind that this method produces more juice because all the fruit, including the pulp, has been used. Make sure you do not make any additional glasses of the juice.

Soursop fruit juice has many medicinal benefits. Use this juice today as an alternative cancer treatment.

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