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It is often said that the excess of everything for health is bad, regardless of the quality of this thing. The same goes for weight loss, too much can be a disaster. Nowadays, everyone wants to lose weight fast, so many people use unhealthy methods to lose weight. As a result, you lose weight, but more than necessary. Excessive weight loss is really harmful to the body because it robs you of energy and strength. There are few signs that can help you to know if you have lost too much weight. In this way you can prevent yourself and take care of your health. Let us find out! ( Read: The Reason That You Are Not Losing Belly Fat )

Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Weight

1.Weak Face:

If you lose weight fast, you also lose water weight. The loss of water is noticeable throughout the body. This is also reflected in your face, as your face is weak and tired.

2. Constant Fatigue:

If you lose weight in a dangerous way, it causes a lack of nutrients and calories. It affects your potential to do things everyday. You always feel tired and exhausted. Take care of your diet and your health if you are on a weight loss diet.

3. Hair Fall:

To lose weight, people opt for a diet that results in low protein intake. Therefore, your hair can not get keratin protein, resulting in fine hair. With excessive hair loss, this may not be a good sign of your health.

4. Saggy Or Loose Skin:

If you lose weight fast or lose too much, your muscles relax and your skin loses its firmness. Therefore, if you are thinking about weight loss, go for a healthy exercise and a healthy diet.

5. Bad Mood:

To lose weight, you often ignore foods rich in serotonin. Serotonin is important to make your mood happy. Therefore, if you over-diet or lose too much weight, you will end up with a bad mood and irritation.


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