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Many people can not lose weight even if they follow the perfect diet plan and do effective weight loss exercises. Because of the failure of weight loss, they start to feel depressed. There may be other reasons not to lose weight, including temporary lifestyles, aging and hormonal imbalances. Hormones play an effective role if they do not lose weight.

Hormones That Halt Your Weight Loss Process.

1. Insulin:

Insulin regulates the amount of sugar in our blood. In addition, insulin acts to remove excess glucose in the blood. By freezing, the fat cells begin to grow. There is a possibility of weight gain due to changes in this hormone. To maintain this hormonal balance, you consume fewer carbohydrates and exercise every day.

2. Leptin:

Leptin is an essential hormone in our body. This hormone helps to burn fat in the body. In fact, the leptin hormone sends a signal to your brain that the amount of fat in your body has been shut down or that the body no longer needs fat. Due to the imbalance of this hormone, the person does not know the exact amount of body fat. Because of this, the body leads to weight gain. Daily exercise to keep this hormone balanced. Try to reduce the amount of fat and sugar in your diet. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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3. Ghrelin:

Ghrelin is known as the name of the hormones of hunger. This hormone tells the brain that you are hungry now. Ghrelin levels begin to increase before appetite and when you eat, you control. Due to an imbalance of this hormone, the person does not recognize if they are eating too much or if they are eating without interruption. This causes weight gain. To control this hormone, take protein in the morning and consume enough water

4. Cortisol:

Cortisol is known as stress hormone. This hormone begins to increase in the brain because of the stress that leads to overeating. Overeating leads to weight gain. To maintain hormonal balance, do not eat carbohydrates, sleep well, and listen to music to avoid tension.

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