The prenatal breathing techniques of yoga can help you to reduce or control breathing difficulties during pregnancy and work contractions during labor. Gentle Stretching It will encourage you to gently move various areas of your body, such as your neck and arms, with its freedom of movement.

If you are pregnant and looking for ways to relax or stay in shape, you should practice prenatal yoga. But did you know that prenatal yoga could also help you prepare for childbirth and promote your baby’s health?

Before you begin prenatal yoga, you should be aware of the range of possible benefits as well as the typical class and important safety tips. ( Read: Simple Tips To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy )

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga?

1. Relieves Tension Of Lower Back, Hips, Chest, Upper Back, Neck And Shoulders:

As the baby gets older, more pressure is exerted on these specific muscle groups in our body. We tend to have more than one lordosis / lumbar curve due to the enlargement of our bellies. Our hips are stretched on our stomach because of the extra pressure of the baby’s weight. As our breasts get bigger, our backs and breasts get more strained, as well as our neck and shoulders.

2. Develops Stamina And Strength:

As the baby continue to grows in our body, more energy and strength are needed to carry the weight. Yoga postures strengthen our hips, back, arms and shoulders.

3. Calms The Nervous System:

Through deep breathing, the nervous system enters the parasympathetic mode, which is responsible for the relaxation. When our body is in this mode, our digestive system works properly, we tend to sleep better and our immune system is optimal.

4. Preparation For Labor:

They work with conscious breathing during each yoga posture, which can be challenging at times. This is transmitted at the time of delivery, which makes it possible to “feel uncomfortable” thanks to our work of breathing. By inspiring, you recognize the tension that you feel. As you exhale deeply, you release more and more with each breath.

5. Increases Circulation:

Circulation improves in our joints and our muscles get longer during exercise. With the blood circulation in our body, the swelling decreases and our immunity improves, creating a healthy environment for a successful baby.

6. Balance:

Our balance is physically challenged as the fetus grows in our body. Emotionally, we are exhausted because of the increase in progesterone and estrogen. As we try to focus on maintaining and breathing through each yoga pose, we can adjust our balance physically and emotionally.

7. Nurturing Time:

This time we can stop and reduce the speed of our busy days. Through the practice of yoga, you establish the intention of caring not only for yourself but also for your baby.

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These 7 yoga poses are safe for every quarter and with strength, focus and soothe your body and mind.

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