It’s possible we all have good memories of lavender essential oil coming out of grandma’s house. However, there are many benefits of lavender oil that you may not know, making it an excellent remedy for cooking. Here is an overview of current research on the use of lavender oil and its benefits.

Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

1. Increased Sleep Quality

Lavender oil is probably best known for its calming or inducing effects. Research has now shown that lavender essential oil can dramatically improve sleep quality. Adding a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow every night before going to sleep, you can go coast off to dreamland and rest well at night.

2. Reduced Anxiety

In addition to improving sleep quality. It has revealed that daily inhalation of the lavender essential oil throughout 2weeks lowers the level of anxiety. Researchers have also found that lavender scent may help anxious dental patients. Put some oil in your bag and smell it if you feel anxious or overwhelmed all day, and consider taking it with you on your next visit to the dentist.

3. Boost Hair Growth

Although lavender has many benefits for maintaining healthy skin, it can also boost new hair growth. If you want long luxurious curls, try lavender because some studies suggest its use as a hair growth agent. When combined with other essential oils like thyme, rosemary and cedarwood, it has shown that it significantly improves alopecia areata (baldness) when applied daily to the scalp.

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4. Helps In Wound Healing

Lavender oil has strong antiseptic properties. Topical application of this oil to wounds, cuts and scratches increases cell growth and facilitates rapid wound healing. Its antimicrobial properties protect wounds from infection.

You can dilute the lavender essential oil with olive oil or jojoba oil by mixing both and apply to the wound.

Herbalists use lavender oil to treat wounds, according to the University of Maryland’s Medical Center. Lavender was also used to disinfect wounds during the war.

6. Pain Reduction.

Lavender essential oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, making it an effective pain reliever for mild to moderate pain. It has many applications that include help with osteoarthritis pain, neck pain and back, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) and colic. Widespread use of lavender aromatherapy massage was to relieve useful pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee compared to massage without lavender oil. The next time you feel trouble, rub it with a little lavender oil mixed with a base oil like coconut or jojoba, or better still, ask your loved one for a soft massage.

7. Migraine Relief

Although headaches are an uncomfortable health condition, migraines can be debilitating. Due to its pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, lavender can be beneficial in reducing the pain and tension of headaches or migraines. You can find relief by inhaling the essential oil or rubbing it on pressure points. Combine lavender with peppermint oil when applying topically for an extra refreshing effect. Never use essential oil directly to your skin.

8. Treatment Of Lice

Head lice are common and annoying childhood problem that spreads in all schools. Lavender oil is a useful option for treating lice and may also help prevent lice infestation. It works exceptionally well in combination with tea tree oil. Add lavender and tea tree oil with coconut oil and massage it into your hair and scalp and leave for 2 hours. Wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and apply conditioner.

9. Antimicrobial effect

A well-known benefit of lavender oil is its antimicrobial effect. For centuries it has been used topically to fight against bacterial and fungal infections, and many studies have confirmed this benefit. The antimicrobial effectiveness of lavender oil is further enhanced when combined with other essential oils, such as clove oil, tea tree oil and cinnamon oil.

10. Alleviate Sunburns

Due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and its ability to promote skin healing, Lavender oil is an excellent remedy to relieve sunburn. Add a few drops to aloe vera gel or mix with peppermint essential oil to help eliminate itching caused by the burn.

11. Symptoms Of Premenstrual Tension

Lavender essential oil aromatherapy massage relieves pain associated with menstruation in some young women more than a regular massage. Also, inhalation of lavender oil during the first three days of menstruation appears to reduce gastric discomfort and back pain in women with menstrual cramps.

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