Is green banana good for you? With a name that looks elegant, you might expect green bananas to be something exotic. But green bananas are just normal bananas. But do not reject them because they have many health benefits.

Unlike yellow bananas, you can only eat green bananas after being treated, cooked or fried. There are many tasty and tasty recipes of green bananas. Of course, fried bananas have extra calories because they fried. Then it is better to cook them. They can be used to make sauces and curries. The famous Kerala banana chips are made from raw plantains. Because they are made with coconut oil, it contributes to the health factor.

Green Banana Benefits

1. Resistant Starch:

The resistant starch is starch that is not absorbed in the small intestine, but in the colon. A study by Janine Higgins of the Center for Health Sciences at the University of Colorado suggests that resistance starch consumption is associated with multiple metabolic changes that can bring health benefits. Health benefits include:

Reduced fat storage increased sensitivity to insulin throughout the body, reduction of plasma levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, reduction of the glycemic and insulin response

2. High Fiber Content:

Green bananas are loaded with fiber. We all know that fiber is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tract and the stool. One cup of cooked green banana contains 3.6 g of fiber. Consuming sufficient amounts of fiber also means you are less prone to diabetes.

3. Probiotic Bacteria:

Green bananas serve as the perfect food for “good and friendly” bacteria. These bacteria, which live in your intestine, consume green bananas and help to have a healthier stomach and digestive tract.

4. High Potassium:

Green bananas are rich in potassium. One cup of cooked green bananas contains 531 mg of potassium. Our body needs potassium for the movement of the muscles, the function of the nerves and the blood purification by the kidneys.

5. Diabetic Diet:

People with type 2 diabetes can use green bananas in their diet because green bananas contain little sugar. We all know how sensitive a diabetic’s diet is. You can include green bananas in the cooked form for best results.

6. Diarrhea Treatment:

Green bananas prevent and treat diarrhea. Cook well before you eat it. Diarrhea is caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. Symptoms of diarrhea include headache, nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, etc. Green bananas help to treat these symptoms.

7. Source Of Vitamins:

Green bananas are a rich source of different vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin C and more. These vitamins are extremely important to maintain a healthy body.

8. Better Absorption Of Nutrients:

The nutrients in green bananas are best achieved by regular consumption of this fruit.

The green bananas, like their yellow counterpart, are a storehouse of health benefits. You could put together a selection of recipes with these bananas. Many people are cautious about taste, but with so many recipes to choose from, I’m sure you can flavor things that are tasty for your family. And if nothing works, there are always good old Kerala banana chips!

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