Kidney stones are one of the biggest health problems these days. According to scientists and doctors, the number of kidney stones has increased almost tenfold in recent years. While most of us believe that surgery is the only way to get rid of this painful problem, there are simple and natural remedies that can be used to treat this problem. Barley water is one of them.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are essentially crystalline mineral deposits that form inside the kidneys or, sometimes, in the urethra. In most cases, these crystals consist of calcium precipitations (mainly calcium oxalate and sometimes mixed with calcium phosphate). However, they may also contain uric acid or a certain amino acid called “cystine” if you have gout or genetic problems.

These hard masses housed in kidney tissue can be of different sizes, from the size of a small grain of sand to the size of a golf ball. They usually have several mild to severe symptoms, such as acute pain (abdominal, flank, and groin), inflammation, digestive problems, chills, fever, infection, blood in the urine, and sometimes even a medical emergency.

As the stones grow, they cause more and more obstruction of the urethra and damage the kidney tissue to a great extent. However, before taking preventative measures, it is important to know the true causes of kidney stones:

1. Heredity plays a key role in the formation of kidney stones.

2. If you have kidney or urinary tract infections, you should be considered at risk.

3. Excessive consumption of processed foods can lead to kidney stones.

4. The consumption of red meat, caffeine, sugar, dairy products and refined flour can also increase the risk of kidney stones.

5. Long-term use of antacids can also lead to kidney stones.

Why To Drink Barley Water For Kidney Stones?

Barley water not only prevents the formation of kidney stones, but also helps to dissolve existing stones. Here is how:

1. Regular consumption of barley water is considered as a standout amoung the best effective natural remedies for kidney stones, as it can produce the required bladder pressure and facilitate the removal of kidney stones.

2. Barley water helps in keeping up the pH balance in our body making it alkaline. Over time it limits the generation of kidney stones.

3. It plays a key role in the feeding of the kidneys and their health, which is essential to prevent various problems of the urinary tract, including the recurrence of kidney stones.

4. Drinking barley water helps cleanse the kidneys by removing all kinds of toxic substances from the body through urine.

5. Barley is rich in fiber, which is necessary to reduce the excretion of calcium in the urine.

6. Barley water provides our body with enough vitamin B6, which reduces the amount of calcium oxalate that forms in our kidneys.

7. Barley contains a large amount of magnesium, which accelerates the dissolution of calcium oxalate crystals.

8. Last but not the  least, barley is one of the cheapest grains and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

How To Prepare Barley Water

Step by step procedure for the recipe of barley water for kidney stones:

• Pour 1 liter of drinking water in a glass. Take 1 tablespoon of barley seeds and add it to the water. Put the pot in the oven.

• Now turn on the heat and let the mixture cook over low heat for at least 30 minutes. Remove the pot as soon as the mixture is reduced to half its original amount.

• Cool and continue to drink all day.

• Barley water usually has no taste. Then, if you want, you can add fresh lemon juice or a spoonful of honey to make it more appetizing.


Well, there are no significant side effects of barley water for kidney stones. However, a large amount of this natural beverage can cause upset stomach and cause loose movements. If you suffer from gluten intolerance, be sure to stay away from barley water. So start drinking barley water today to avoid the formation of kidney stones.

Live healthy and pain free!


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