We’re crazy about the health benefits of these incredible nuts. In addition to good fats and good proteins, all nuts have there own combination of nutrient and some have special healing properties.

Nuts can improve your health, help you lose weight and make your skin radiant.

1. For Bone Strength: Almonds

You might not know that almonds contain phosphorus. This helps to maintain and increase the strength and durability of bones and teeth and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

2. For Brain Function: Walnuts

A student study at Andrews University in the United States discovered that walnuts consumption increased the level of cognition, which is called inferential reasoning, suggesting that walnuts may additionally have beneficial effects on the brain.

They are additionally simply fantastic to your heart, including assisting to lower blood pressure and enhance the blood flow through the circulatory system, as per research from Yale University School of Medicine

Since walnuts are high in fibre and protein, you can feel fuller for longer, which makes it a great choice for vegans and anyone who wants to lose weight.

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3. To Lower Blood Pressure: Cashew

Besides their capability to turn into extra-creamy nut butter, cashews lower blood pressure. Research from Northwestern University in Potchefstroom found that a diet contains 20% of there kilojoule consumption from cashew nuts improved pressure in people with metabolic syndrome.

Another study by South African University found that adding walnuts and cashew nuts to a careful diet resulted in an increase in antioxidant capacity. So you can get more of these benefits to fight cancer.

Did you know that high levels of fatty acids and protein can help the nervous system fight depression? It’s basically all nuts!

4. For Reproduction: Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are an incredibly rich source of selenium: a mineral that acts as an antioxidant but also fulfils other important functions in the body … such as the motility of sperm. Selenium also helps to increase blood flow. So make sure your husband or partner gets his handful of Brazil nuts every day, well beyond the daily intake of selenium.

Selenium also helps to keep your kidneys healthy and increases your immunity and thyroid function.

5. For A Healthy Heart: Macadamia Nuts

A handful of nuts a day also helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), according to the Canadian Center for Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification. Macadamia are 100% cholesterol free!

They are also rich in flavonoids that turn into antioxidants when consumed, helping us fight cell damage. And lower blood pressure. And like almonds, they are great fighters against inflammation. All this makes it an excellent food that improves heart health.

6. To Alleviate PMS Symptoms: Pecans

By the way, filled with manganese, which is also compatible with healthy bones, pecans can help alleviate the symptoms of PMS. Manganese has been shown to reduce mood swings and cramps, especially when combined with calcium (to facilitate absorption).

Pecans also contain polyphenols that act as antioxidants. One study found that people who consumed pecans for 1 month with 20% of there daily consumption of kilojoules had a better antioxidant profile in there blood. Boom! It is a serious food against cancer!

7. For Youthful skin: Hazelnuts

Several studies have shown that hazelnuts can increase the amount of vitamin E in your blood. It is the key vitamin for healthy skin, hair and nails! Something you did not know about vitamin E? it’s been connected to less cognitive decline and may help to prevent and treat diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Hazelnuts also contain thiamine, which plays a crucial role in nerve function and cognitive function.

In a study recently published in Nutritional Neuroscience, hazelnuts were tested for there neuroprotective properties. As a nutritional supplement, hazelnuts can improve healthy ageing, memory and anxiety.

They also contain folic acid, which supports the development of the spine and brain of your baby during pregnancy.

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