Essential oil is an amazing oil if your beauty sleep needs serious improvement, we have just got the remedy: essential oils. Of course, they smell incredible, but their benefits go beyond their smells. These incredible combinations provide a completely natural alternative to the average sleeping supplement. Essential oils not only promote sleep but can also relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure and ease that stress that accumulates throughout the day. Apply them in several ways: through a diffuser, mixed with cream or mixed with a base and an oil powder.

Before you start, a quick word: Essential oils should not be used directly without being diluted. They are very concentrated, which partly explains their effectiveness.

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1. Valerian Essential  Oil

Who would have thought that Valerian oil would make an effective sleep inducer? Valerian may not have the same credit as chamomile or lavender when it comes to promoting sleep, but since the 17th century, it has actually been used to relieve insomnia. With valerian oil, you can not only fall asleep faster but also improve sleep quality. A deeper rest means a satisfying nap that leaves you energized in the morning.

2. Roman Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the top known natural sleeping pills, making it one of the most brilliant essential oils for sleep.

Whether it’s being steeped to make tea or extracted in the shape of oil, chamomile used as a sleeping pill has been recorded for centuries and is one of the most popular methods of combating insomnia. The plant power is not just a rumour. However, studies have shown the effectiveness of chamomile to relieve stress and anxiety. Get your dose of aromatherapy by spraying one or two drops into steaming water and breathing deeply 10 times. You will be coasting into your dream in no time.

3. Cedarwood

Cedarwood is one of the grounding sleeping essential oils. It has a woodsy and soothing scent that is perfect in a diffuser before going to bed so you can fall asleep better. Cedarwood has been shown to be effective as a sleeping pill and has been revealed to lower heart rate and blood pressure, thereby maintaining the usefulness as a sleep aid, as well as relieving high blood pressure and anxiety.

4. Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli is an overlooked essential oil for sleep, but we are looking to change that. The oil is extracted from the blossom of a bitter orange tree, and it’s spicy, citric aroma makes it a popular ingredient in perfumes. A study examined the ability of Neroli to have a calming effect, especially in combination with lavender and chamomile oil. It is also effective in reducing stress and blood pressure, especially in women.

5. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers”. In the past, ylang-ylang flower was used to cover the beds of newlywed couples on there wedding night. In fact, this powerful oil helps balance the male and female energies, promotes concentration and restores peace.

It is a pleasure to diffuse this oil 30 minutes before bedtime.

6. Vetiver Essential Oil

Since vetiver essential is oil distilled from the roots of the plant, vetiver’s essential oil smells very rich and earthy. Vetiver essential oil is another excellent oil to try for sleep as it is psychologically related to the grounding, soothes and stabilizing. It may take a while for you to get used to the smell, so if you are not used to vetiver, you can mix it with citrus oil or a flower oil such as lavender or bergamot.

7. Frankincense

This is my absolute favourite oil for my family. It’s perfect for balancing emotions, maintaining a healthy sleep, calming the mind, and supporting your body’s natural healing response.

When my children are afraid of spiders, this is the first oil I am looking for. If my mind does not shut off at bedtime, it’s the first oil I’m looking for. And if I honestly do not know which oil to use, I’ll try the essential oil first.

8. Bergamot Essential Oil

It has been shown that bergamot essential oil has relaxing properties to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body and prevent the release of adrenaline by the body. For anxiety caused by insomnia, this oil is an all-around remedy.

9. Lavender Essential Oil

Of course, no list of the best essential oils for sleeping would be complete without lavender oil, one of the best known natural sources for a peaceful night’s sleep. Lavender oil can be applied directly to the skin, but try a small amount on the hand before applying it in larger quantities. Rub a little on pulse points before going to bed or rub a little between your palms and take a deep breath. Adding a few drops to a bath is another wonderful way to relax after a long day.


Essential oils are natural, but that doesn’t mean they can be used without taking precautions. Before using any essential oil, you should consult your doctor.


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